The Clinique des Champs-Elysees offers its patients a number of unique, customized protocols to provide the best care for your skin. Our skin expert will first perform a thorough diagnosis to select the best therapeutic or preventive solutions according to your goals.


Our principle: combining the best methods

We will always offer you the best techniques by combining them for an optimal response. For example, in the treatment of seborrheic skin or acne skin, our Signature Protocols combine a variety of techniques depending on the lesions your doctor has observed: it may therefore provide you with peel, mesotherapy, a medical wave session or a phototherapy procedure, either alone or in combination.
As a preventive measure, our Signature skin care will systematically recommend a superficial or deep cleansing of the skin to remove impurities. A gentle AHA peel with fruit acids helps smooth the skin texture, with vacuum aspiration of toxins if needed. A non-cross-linked fluid hyaluronic acid is used to coat and moisturize the deep dermis, while the medical LEDs will operate by photo-modulation on the cell lines.
Our face specialist has a variety of solutions, including medical laser, dermabrasion or IPL flash lamps, if needed.


Our philosophy: prevention and treatment

The customized protocols proposed by the Clinique des Champs Elysées have a dual benefit:

  • Preventive, your personalized face check-up type Life Viz™Skincare will model and highlight the weak points and specific imperfections of your face. It's a way to determine how your face is going to age. The concept is therefore to correct as much as possible your weak points with targeted acts, either by cosmetic care or by medical act.
  • In curative care, your skin specialist at the Clinique des Champs Élysées always has a dual strategy, both medical and aesthetic.

To fill a naso-labial fold, for instance, he recognizes that an injection of hyaluronic acid will be disappointing if there is also skin slackening on the top, towards the cheekbones or cheeks. It may therefore recommend a custom Signature protocol combining an anti-wrinkle filler with a sagging skin correction on the face.

The objective of the Signature Protocols of the Clinique des Champs Elysées will thus always be to combine the best preventive skin care or curative techniques to treat your issue in its entirety. This is the guarantee of an optimal, personalized and effective response.