In the last twenty years, two anti-aging products have literally transformed aesthetic medicine: the injection of botulinum toxin and the injection of hyaluronic acid. Their combination often allows to rejuvenate a face without surgery, offering a type of medical facelift without surgery. But in fact, your aesthetic doctor has other techniques available to restore the youthful beauty of your skin, with a tailor-made anti-aging treatment.


The Clinique des Champs-Elysées philosophy

Founded in Paris in 1947, our institution has always sought to bring the most innovative solutions, thanks to the latest techniques. Our medical approach is always characterized by two intangible pillars: safety and results.

As aesthetic doctors and surgeons, we are by nature open to new methods. However, we expect them to always be broadly proven by clinical and scientific studies. We expect proof of added value, for a painless and safe result.

We take part in international conferences, meet with the world's specialists and share our experiences and impressions.

With this in mind, the Clinique des Champs-Elysées chooses, if possible, only devices approved by the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) while being very cautious about safety and the results before and after.


The Clinique des Champs-Elysées - Innovation

Our patients can benefit from the newest generation of equipment for cryolipolysis, lasers, focused ultrasounds...

Our devices, based on non-light waves, bring significant but controlled heat to the dermis to naturally trigger neo-collagenesis for dermal remodeling.

This is the concept of devices such as HIFU (ultrasound for facial rejuvenation), anti-aging bipolar radio frequency, or EmSculpt® HIFEM waves for body contouring.

Our lasers cover a broad array of wavelengths, with ablative lasers for resurfacing or not. We can treat all phototypes from 1 to 6 without any side effects, with lasers for hair removal (menopausal moustache), vascular lasers, pigment lasers (photorejuvenation skin), etc...

Medical cold-light LED technologies derived from space medicine research on cellular photo-modulation are also used.

This is a scientifically proven medical technique that activates cell lines to slow down the aging process.

Several of our innovative devices are fractional-beam, designed to reduce side effects and boost skin regeneration: the results are better, with less pain and social avoidance.

For tailor-made treatment, the latest platforms combine a variety of efficient, effective technologies on a single device: electromagnetic waves and radio frequency (CEMP + RF), Nd:Yag and Q Switched, ultrasound and radio frequency for the AccentPrime® .

You can be confident that we have the right treatment for you to rejuvenate your face or any other part of your body without surgery.