For a long time, it was believed that maintaining the youthfulness of a skin was preserving its beauty assets, for aesthetic purposes only. In truth, the skin is an organ in its own right, with important protective or regulatory functions. As a result, aesthetic medicine is increasingly presented as a preventive anti-aging and curative medicine. Preserving beautiful skin means, first and foremost, working to keep the skin functional.


Fixing skin imperfections related to life

Like any living organ, the skin must continually adjust to the circumstances of life. However, there may be small dysfunctions, resulting in slight after-effects that may be corrected by your cosmetic doctor. Because these lesions are random, prevention is more complex at this stage.

Treat stretch marks or scars by reshaping tissues

A stretch mark or scar is formed by the same process, a failed healing with an excess of thick collagen fibers, without enough elastic fibers. This fibrous scar tissue alters the dynamics of the surrounding skin, which causes it to age prematurely.
However, incorrect healing can be repaired by reshaping the dermis to provide young and elastic tissue.
This dermal rejuvenation involves the activation of stem cells in young fibroblasts, with the help of growth factors supplied or produced:

  • Medium peel with trichloroacetic acid or PRX T 33 peel.
  • PRP injection, platelet growth factors only for therapeutic purposes.
  • Carboxytherapy treatment
  • CO² resurfacing laser or non-ablative fractional laser.
  • Fractional radiofrequency causing a dermis thermage (heat remodeling) (Legato III®).

Treat acne while avoiding atrophic scars.

Acne is common among teenagers (over 80 per cent) and women (over 40 per cent), particularly during menopause. Acne in chronic phase causes a challenge equivalent to stretch marks, with very ugly atrophic scarring lesions or pigmented scars, resulting in a skin that loses its vitality in part. Acne in its inflammatory phase raises the risk of suppuration (folliculitis) and bacterial propagation.
Therefore, preserving your beauty assets means taking medical care of acne, keeping your skin healthy and free of sequelae. Aesthetic medicine provides a variety of anti-acne solutions:

Correcting color, pigment or vascular anomalies.

Pigmentary (melasma, HPI inflammatory hyperpigmentation) or vascular (couperose, angioma, erythrosis...) disorders can occasionally modify skin metabolism.
Treating these lesions helps maintain a beautiful skin with an optimal metabolism (vascular laser, pigmentary laser for photorejuvenation ...).


Preventing the effects of aging

Increased knowledge of the molecular and cellular mechanisms of aging of the skin has led to new remedies in anti-aging cosmetics (Universkin) or preventive anti-aging medicines.

Deeply moisturizing your skin

Water, synonymous with life, is closely related to the hyaluronic acid of the dermis. Moisturizing your skin does not imply nourishing the epidermis, but deeply moisturizing the dermis.
One of the means of moisturizing is to guarantee a regular supply of hyaluronic acid, for example by anti-ageing mesotherapy (fluid HA) or by a dermal topping such as Skinbooster.

Boosting fibroblasts

Aesthetic medicine is increasingly focusing on our natural aptitude to regenerate tissue, through research on stem cells or growth factors.
This dermal remodeling is therefore used in energy waves, radiofrequency waves, magnetic fields, tissue inducer injections, PRP injections... Thus, painless and non-invasive solutions activate dermal cell lines, such as photomodulation of medical cold LEDs, IPL or flash lamps, milta-therapy...
Train your skin to regenerate like an athlete who trains his muscles. Protection of the epidermal skin barrier UV rays have harmful effects on your skin, so you need to choose the right sun protection, especially in a very bright area. Your epidermis must also stay healthy and free from impurities, hence the value of a superficial peel to purify your skin and guarantee that it best fulfills its exchange functions (thermoregulation, elimination of waste ...).

Preventing the vicious circle of aging

Small age-related skin abnormalities must be handled quickly or a whole harmful dynamic may develop.
For example, a "valley of tears" groove or naso-labial fold speeds up the ptosis of the upper tissues by increasing the effect of gravity, increasing the risk of ptosis in the eyebrows and aging of the eyes.
Indirectly, rejuvenating a smile by filling the nasolabial fold slows down the aging of the eyes as well !

This global care by your anti-aging specialist allows you to preserve your beauty assets without surgery, for instance with anti-wrinkle injections and facial volume management.