Although aesthetic medicine has always been affiliated with anti-aging facial injections, its possibilities go far beyond these indications alone. By using the injection of hyaluronic acid, medicine of the intimate parts enables to correct defects, acquired or not, in both men and women. The goal is often to deal with real hang-ups that can have a strong impact on intimate and emotional life.


The principle: what does intimate aesthetic medicine provide?

Without surgery or general anesthesia, intimate medicine fixes aesthetic imperfections on the female or male intimate parts. These defects may well be constitutive or acquired, most often in the latter case, after the aging of epithelial or conjunctival tissues.

Making intimate constitutive defects vanish

These abnormalities are often difficult to live with as early as puberty, and can lead to major hang-ups.

They should never be neglected, because they can profoundly change the beginnings of an intimate life, at a time when one is building one's identity and sexuality. The mocking smile of a partner, or his demeaning remarks, can hurt and hinder a harmonious personal development.

Anxieties often focus on the size of sex in young men. Hyaluronic acid injection makes it possible to gain thickness (penoplasty without surgery). There's no gain in length, but there's a gain in diameter.

To obtain a longer sex, only surgical penoplasty or lengthening phalloplasty offers a reliable answer.

In young women, the concerns most often involve the vaginal lips, with asymmetrical or potentially atrophied lips. A medical specialist will be able to reconstruct the missing volume by injecting hyaluronic acid, as an alternative to definitive lipofilling (autologous fat grafting by injection).

A doctor can also rectify other intimate parts, such as augmenting the G-spot with an injection.

Removal of acquired intimate defects

With age, the connective tissue of the genital mucosa also grows older: it loses its collagen fibers, leading to sagging tissue due to loss of firmness; it also loses its hyaluronic acid, thus its volume, hydration and lubrication.

This aging of the genital mucosa in women has several consequences:

  • Slackening of the vulval lips, which then are becoming more or less gaping (vulva complex).
  • Vaginal or vaginal looseness, sometimes also accountable for urinary leakage or reduced sexual pleasure.
  • Vaginal dryness with defects such as burning or pain during intercourse; (dyspareunia).

Indications: Who is intimate cosmetic medicine intended for?

In both women and men, aesthetic medicine of the intimate parts has three main indications:

  • Any individual suffering from acquired or constitutive aesthetic defects.
  • Any woman experiencing functional or painful disorders related to the aging of her intimate parts (vaginal dryness, dyspareunia).
  • Any individual wishing to improve his sexual pleasure, whether by tightening the vagina, augmentation of the G-spot or penis enlargement (medical penoplasty to have a bigger sex).

These solutions of intimate medicine thus apply to any adult:

  • A young adult afflicted at the beginning of his intimate life ;
  • An adult wishing to accompany a change of life (life in couple, new celibacy);
  • A mature adult wishing to keep a fulfilled intimate life.

Our intimate medicine solutions

Intimate medicine developed by the Clinique des Champs-Elysées restores lost (acquired) or absent (constitutive) volumes, or regenerates aging tissues.

Intimate medicine solutions for men

  • Injection of a volumizing product to obtain volume. (Penis injection of hyaluronic acid).

Intimate medicine solutions for women

Providing volumes

Injection of volume-enhancing resorbable products (hyaluronic acid): G-spot augmentation, medical labioplasty.

Renewing an aging genital mucosa